The Branded Customer Service

How can one brand be best remembered when most of the products and services are just the same? One thing – the uniqueness that the brand gives to its customers. Here’s an inspiring brand for those who are in the hospitality industry: I was in a middle of a quick decision on where to eat for lunch and I have… Read more →


Embracing New Challenges

Every single job is a challenge. You are walking into a new set, a new character, creating a world and trying to get comfortable to do your best work. – Felicia Day Are you embracing new challenges lately? I bet all of us are. Challenges are pretty normal and we face this every day and even every single seconds of… Read more →


How to Enjoy Pagadian City in 6 Hours

I have been deprived to travel the past 8 years. Uhuh! It’s been 2 months after leaving my job from a BPO company here in Cagayan de Oro and I feel like I’m free, literally FREE to do what I want. Yes – I am a freelance social media professional. As long as there is internet connection within the area –… Read more →


Big J Grill House in Ozamiz City

Ever since I set my foot on Ozamiz City last year, I couldn’t help but explore this city even more. Locals say that their city is small but I tell you there is still a lot of great attractions, new places and sizzling food spots to uncover. Ozamiz is more than just a PILGRIMAGE DESTINATION. During my recent trip, I… Read more →


A New Beginning Unfolds

You probably read a part of my life on my graduation blog post. It’s a major achievement that I have been sharing to my friends and readers. For others they may see negatively sharing your adversities to the world, but not for me – I’d like to be as authentic as I can be. Just before July this year, I… Read more →


I needed a breather… Initao welcomed me.

They say life is a journey. That journey is not perfect, sometimes you get to experience bumps. That is life. Sometimes you’re up there up in the cloud nine or down the line waiting for your turn to experience – Happiness. One time my cup of water was full that I just have to pour it down and start over… Read more →

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