A New Beginning Unfolds

You probably read a part of my life on my graduation blog post. It’s a major achievement that I have been sharing to my friends and readers. For others they may see negatively sharing your adversities to the world, but not for me – I’d like to be as authentic as I can be.

Just before July this year, I made a big announcement on Facebook that I am leaving the company that nourished me for the past decade. I’d like to share my Facebook status I made on my last day with the corporate world.

Farewells are not easy and behind me are great memories that I will truly miss and cherish. The rumors were correct guys. Yes, today is my last day with Concentrix. Eight amazing years indeed. Sorry for being emotional here.

Concentrix, thank you for embracing me 8 years ago when I was unarmed to face life. With my stay you have equipped me to face every battle. During my low moments you were there to pick me up and I just love how you cheer me up on any triumph. You have changed a life.

It is now time to move on. It wasn’t an easy decision but I feel that the time has come for me to face my fears and chase my dreams.

Let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for molding me as a better person. Concentrix, you have been my home. Thank you to my colleagues, friends, QAS, team captains, and managers!

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being in the corporate world, this is me and purely my decision. I know you have yours. (Wink)

Despite the fear of security, what made me decide to unfold a new beginning?

This – Regret. It got me months and months of thinking and the bottom line is I did not want to have regrets of not doing the things that I’d like to do in my life. It’s a big leap. A lot has expressed their doubts of me going out from the corporate world but I am firm of trying all the possibilities the world will give. Now, I pray to the Lord that He will give me the courage to face that road that I will take.

How about you? Which road will you take? 🙂




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