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Vic at a Glance: Multi-awarded blogger from Cagayan de Oro, Social Media Strategist of the brands, Tech-Lifestyle Columnist at Urban Life – Mindanao Gold Star Daily, TEDx Speaker, and a Hootsuite APAC Ambassador.
Hi, I’m Vic!
I’m a twenty-something digital nomad from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. I have been blogging for about a decade now and I mostly talk about my personal experiences, travel, lifestyle and technology.

To date, I handle the social media of start up companies in United States and the biggest food brands in Cagayan de Oro as their Social Media Manager, Strategist and Consultant.

I also led the CDOBloggers, Inc. for 2 years (2012-2013). During my time as the President of the CDO Bloggers, Inc. I have appeared in different TV and radio programs within NorthMin (Ahem), such as TV Patrol Northern Mindanao, DXCC, and in the earlier days of GMA Cagayan de Oro.

I am also into podcasting and vlogging. I was also fortunate to be tapped as one of the keynote speakers for  the first ever TEDx in Mindanao (TEDxXU).

In 2015, I joined Mindanao Gold Star Daily News – the Biggest Newspaper in Mindanao, Philippines as the latest UrbanLife columnist. I write weekly on my column called “VICMADZ” which is published every Fridays.

How is it like working with me? 

How to get in touch with me online?

Below are a few of my certifications, awards, citations, projects, speaking engagements, and other additional details that you may want to check. 


Awards and Citations

  • CDO Bloggers of the Year, Mindanao Blog Awards 2013
  • Finalist, Blogger of the Year – Globe Media Excellence Award 2016 – Mindanao Leg
  • VICMADZ.com, Finalist, Best Personal Blog Category, Mindanao Blog Awards 2013
  • WOWCDO.com, Top CDO Blog, CDO ICT Awards 2014
  • Nominee,WOWCDO.com, Top CDO Blog, CDO ICT Awards 2014
  • Finalist, Columnist of the Year – Globe Media Excellence Award 2016 – Mindanao Leg

Voice Over/Radio Ad

  • Vineyard Internat1ional Polytechnic College, Cagayan de Oro

Video Campaigns


Photo by Phebie Anne Normandia - CDO Bloggers Awards 2013
Photo by Phebie Anne Normandia – CDO Bloggers Awards 2013




Speaking Engagement

vic madriaga - tedx xu talk - essence of greeting on cyberspace



Smart PayITFwd



Powerful Powerpoint Presentation



  • Humba and Salucara Festival – Iponan, Cagayan de Oro City – July 2013
  • Best Cebu Blog Awards 2013
  • Best Cebu Blog Awards 2014
  • Best Lifestyle Blogger for Mindanao Gold Star Daily’s Urban Lifestyle

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