Do you Eat like a "Lil Dino"?

If you’re employed in a BPO company, time is gold. Every second counts. If you’re on lunch break, you should be aware of the time thus you fasten your eating habits. You could never imagine that I eat like a little dino in the past. I could consume 2-3 cups of rice plus the oily viand in 15 minutes. How do I do that? I swallow the food immediately which caused digestion problems.
Hello to all my blog followers! I hope your chewing the food you’re eating today. (Big smile) It’s another healthy blog post.
A little over a month ago, I started working out. Not only that I’m working out I also learned a lot of new things about eating and eating habits.
As I mentioned earlier – in the past – I eat like a lil dinosaur. I eat almost every food that I can see in the table. It was horrible. I tried the suggestion of my good friends at work – take time to chew your food, thus the title of this blog post is called – Digestion Starts in your Mouth.

Your digestive system actually starts at your mouth even before you take a bite of the food. Our saliva and our teeth play a big role. Your teeth break the food down and your saliva makes the food mushy and easy to swallow.
Based on experience, chewing the food that I eat makes you brain think that you’re already eating a lot. I still eat what I want in a more controlled manner.
Eating right and eating the right food compliments to my commitment of healthy living. If you’re in a hurry, are you still chewing your food before you swallow it?

Relax and Chill! vicmadz

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