Embracing New Challenges

Every single job is a challenge. You are walking into a new set, a new character, creating a world and trying to get comfortable to do your best work. – Felicia Day

Are you embracing new challenges lately? I bet all of us are.

Challenges are pretty normal and we face this every day and even every single seconds of our lives. Except of course if we are sleeping. (I know it’s a corny joke, hopefully I made you smile to that)

I’m a big fan of new challenges even though it is scary – actually scary.

Over the past decade I have entered to new challenges from work to school and even in my love life. There were wins and losses but at the end of it – it’s always the win part of every learning that is priceless.

Felicia Day was right – we are walking into a new set, a new or improved character and setting our best foot forward at all times.


This is a blog post to you who is afraid to make a step. If you feel its the way to go – Do it! 

To Chef Francesca Aguilar – I have been a “hiding” witness on how your love in baking evolved. Months ago, your mom would spoil us with every bite of your creation. Your mom is so proud of you.

Remember the time we visited The Flour Shop at the recently concluded Kasalan 2015? I asked for more cup cakes because I seriously loved it!

I had this vision of you greeting me and your guests upon entering your new big shop/cafe – The Flour Shop! I know it will happen, hold on to your dream.

Claim it and God will give it to you.

To Trainer Andy Mabao – Sir Andy! How are you? You surprised me with your flashy fashion trainer outfit. I have known you for years as a really good dancer – that was it aside from being a call center professional.

Last year we were given the opportunity to work together in a group. I know I have left the training grounds for a year but I couldn’t help sharing how my training experience has shaped me to become a person that I am right now.

I know your strengths and I wouldn’t be sharing that to you if I have not seen your potential to becoming one. You tagging me as your mentor was really heartwarming, I know you will pursue it but I did not see it coming this early.

You are now in the position to influence – use that power wisely. Continue to share your stories. Each word that will come out from your mouth will make a difference to another individual.

Two great individuals have shown courage in what they wanted to take. They say, Life is short and we should live it to the fullest. Got a new plan? Do it and learn from it.

Have a great day to my dear readers!


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