Episode 4: Rock Relief CDO

Hello Everyone!

I’m back! Just turned 24 and very optimistic of the year ahead. Got a new gadget for my birthday and I am back with Podcasting. Episode 4: Rock Relief CDO is my comeback podcast.

Last  August 25, Saturday at Punchbowl Music & Booze, Corrales Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City… SE7EN OCLOCK PRODUCTIONS, INC. in partnership with UP KAGAYHAAN and BNPCGY
present “Rock Relief: Kagayanons Give Back”

It was a night of local music in an effort to raise funds and help the victims of the recent Luzon floods. We are for sustainable flood management and environmental community practices.

I interviewed Michelle Chaves Fernando of Se7en Oclock Products, Inc. CDOBloggers, Inc. is a proud media partner for this event.

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