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Experience Galvanic Facial at Zenbiosis

This month marks my first year at Zenbiosis Medical and Aesthetic Clinic. Yehey! I thank Dra. Grace Pamparo-Bandoy, her staff, for taking good care of my skin for the past year. They have been there through breakouts and facial cleaning. (wink) My week wouldn’t be complete without paying them a visit. I’m a Certified Zenbiosis Addict!

With that being said, normally on my rest days I just stay at home or bond with Steph but last Saturday, I couldn’t help myself to going to their clinic for my weekly facial. So here comes the laid back Vic (pambahay mode) for a facial.

Yesterday, I experienced a different of kind of facial, it’s called Galvanic Facial. Sounds high tech, right? I have heard about this facial multiple times from Doc Grace and from a few people who battle with Acne and I gave it a shot.

My Zenbiosis selfie.
My Zenbiosis selfie.

But, what is it and what’s in it for me or for you to experience it?

Well, users define Galvanic Facial as a type of facial treatment used primarily for reducing lines and wrinkles on the face. During the treatment, there are special machines which are used to massage the face to help maximize the absorption of nutrients products into the skin.

I also made a little research on Wikipedia and this may be a little technical for most of us.

Galvanic treatment in the beauty industry has been described since at least the 1970s, and earlier. Sometimes called galvanism, the treatment aims to improve the skin in two ways: cleansing: a process called desincrustation, and nourishing the skin condition, through an electro-chemical process called iontophoresis(also called ionisation).This is achieved by the application of a small, constant, direct current. The treatment works on the principle that charged ions in the skin are either attracted or repelled from the electrodes, resulting in certain chemical effects.

“Galvanism works by penetrating active substances into the subcutaneous tissues, where they act on the ineffective circulation to bring about an improvement in the vascular and lymphatic interchange in the area. This is completed in a natural and harmless way, and is aided by the actual effect of the galvanic current on the tissues. This improves the function of the cellular membrane, and allows the trapped fluid and fat to be dispersed and eliminated.” – Ann Gallant, Body treatments and dietetics for the beauty therapist.

Galvanic treatment are often used on the face (facial galvanic treatment), and on the body to treat cellulite (galvanic cellulite treatments).

As they conduct this painless procedure, Dra. Grace educated me on the benefits of the galvanic facial. One of which is to tighten, tones and lifts skin (considered as non-surgical face lift), it also erases wrinkles and lines, anti-aging, perfect for age and beauty concious people. To add, it also reduces blemishes resulting to skin clarity.

The facial will not take much of your time, an hour probably, together with the facial cleaning or treatment. Don’t worry; it’s using low frequency pulses so no electrocution will happen or any burning sensation. Well, I was scared at the very beginning but they assured me that everything will be okay and yes – it’s all in the mind.

In less than 24 hours the effects such as blemishes were reduced and it also tightened my skin.

Update: Zenbiosis through their FB page announced that the Galvanic Facial will cost Php 800. ( as of January 7, 2014)

If you want to experience the Galvanic Facial, give Zenbiosis a call at 850-0554, text or call them at 0917-326-6893 or send them a message over at If you are at downtown CDO, their clinic is located at Door 3 AB Santiago Bldg. Velez-Gaerlan Sts., Cagayan de Oro City near Gazebo or Little Miss Funnel Cake.


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