Gym Day 1: Torture to Fitness!

June 4, 2012 – 6:30 PM
Mood: Excited/Mixed Emotions
Weather: Raining like Cats and Dogs
It was never easy to use the public transport during a heavy rain and in sports attire. The rain pouring in like a drizzle to my skin was partly a mess and a part of me wanted to back out and do it tomorrow. I have to do this. I wanted to try this even though that it will be a hell of tiring sets.
I walked upstairs till I reached Perfect Line Gym, sweating moms ranging from 40s to 50s standby to wait for the rain to stop. I passed by them like a little mouse rushing to the next point. Finally, their staff greeted me with a welcoming smile. The smile that conveys the thought of – at last, this lad will be part of our pack like what the wolves do. Awoo! They ushered me to one of the trainers, his name was Sir Dennis. He asked me if I was new and I answered, “Yes Sir! No experience at all.” LONG PAUSE “with sports or any rigid activities. I’m the guy who just sits in front of the computer and loves documentation (blogging).
I thought this is like first day of school, orientation; and setting of expectations but it was the opposite. He had to let me do the treadmill for 15 minutes and on my sweat was already pouring like the feeling of the water flowing from the “kabo”. I told myself, I just got in to a thing that would really push my body to the limits. I told him after 15 minutes that it was never easy.
My trainer was a motivator which was a good thing, he told me not to give up. Wow! He then educated me about the stuff to do during the warm up, the correct body position and how many sets to take. There were times that I have to say, 10 crunches from 20 because it was already painful and tiresome. My trainer would also advise me to do breaks after routines which were helpful. He would also let me carry weights from 5 kilos up to 10. The opposite of what I do at home which is just to sit in front of the computer and browse the net.

1 Hour and 30 minutes of non-stop work out was torture for me as a beginner. He also told me that if there were shortcuts he could have done it before. I remember the very famous line, “No pain, No gain.” – Four little words with big meaning.
I could be over acting but after the workout it was tiring as I said and to add, it was cool and refreshing.  I felt my biceps were developing. LOL We’ll get there.
A few tips to those who wanted to hit the gym but just have no guts to do it:
  1. Make sure you are ready to hit the gym. I’ve gone through the point of saying, tomorrow, tomorrow. Do it now.
  2. Bring a container full of water for you to rehydrate. I didn’t bring one and it made me thirsty the whole time.
  3. Bring extra undergarments, shorts/jogging pants and a shirt. It’s going to be a sweaty start.
  4. Look at the people around, it will motivate you to push yourself to the limits.
  5. Follow the instructions of your trainer for your safety.

This is just the start of the “torture”, seriously, the journey to fitness. Thank you to all my motivators. You know who you are. 
My picture taken by Trainer Dennis earlier June 6, 2012 – 8PM – Perfect Line Gym.

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Relax and Chill!

4 Comments on “Gym Day 1: Torture to Fitness!

  1. vic, congrats! you did it. sorry, i wasn’t able to go there at the gym earlier coz i had a meeting. but will you be there on wednesday? 🙂

    ok kaayo na si sir dennis. pamaolan jud ka, good luck. but after 6 months, you’ll see the results for sure. 🙂

    mingaw na pud ang gym noh? mga wat time na ka nagpapic?

  2. Vic! I’m so proud of you!

    I’m disappointed, my name is not here! I played a BIG part in pushing you to hit the gym!!!


    Good job. Keep it up, and keep us posted of your developments 🙂


  3. @missteacher / thekagayanon / rox! It’s around 8pm. Goodluck to me! @Venus – Hahaha I am also looking forward for the results, @Minette – Yes, you played a very BIG ROLE in really pushing me to work out.

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