Gym Day 3: 2 Hours at the Gym

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I’m back to the torture day 1 program and I am not scaring you. It’s not easy to be in my position, a newbie gym – health buff if you call it. I’m adjusting. My “undeveloped” muscles are in pain and I don’t have the energy to lift weights.

Trainer Dennis told me to do the treadmill for 20 freakin’ minutes. I did not complain. He could be raising the bar higher this time. I’ve poured tons of sweat and the feeling was like taking a bath under the rain. Next stop is the warm up exercises – manageable. I know have the proper posture to do it. Would you wanna be the picture shown below? I bet not.

The legs and shoulder exercises were doable with 3 sets to complete. Going towards the biceps, triceps and the abdomen was really painful. My trainer told me to do the dumbbells worth 5 pounds, but I wasn’t able to surpass it – you could imagine the pain. So he took out the weights and I just carried the metal “thing”. I have to pause every minute for me to be able to meet the requirements that the trainer set. I know people were already staring at my immobile or just slow in doing everything. Wow! Again, this is not easy.

A lot of things are going around my mind, questions like: Shall I continue this? Is it okay to tell my trainer to lower down his expectations? Shall I go ahead and just run? I felt really down.

Thanks to Pinterest where I can get all the motivation I need to hopefully keep me in the go as always.

To be more motivated, check out my re-pins: http://pinterest.com/vicmadz/drive-to-be-fit/

Relax and Chill!

5 Comments on “Gym Day 3: 2 Hours at the Gym

  1. I used to be a HARDCORE (as in 5% bodyfat, and bench pressing almost double my weight hardcore) fitness freak. Allow me to say a few things:

    1. It’s worth the effort, but you gotta go slow.

    2. Muscles recover much better if they’re flexible. Flexibility is ignored by a lot of people, but it’s SO important.

    3. Another ignored facet is diet. Putting poor fuel in a high performance car doesn’t make sense. Your pushing your body like a sports car. Fuel it right.

    4. Spending lots of time in the gym may be counterproductive. 2 hours? You can get lots done in half that time. You also need to have a life you know. 🙂

    5. Never underestimate how good, upbeat music can help your workout.

    6. Work out complex muscle groups first before isolated ones. That’s important.

  2. Back to Old days 🙂

    I’m writing articles again..

    It’s hard to get physical sir..:)

    but i know u can do it…

    >thanks for the CLICK. 🙂

    >by the way, nice site ranking sir.
    >how old is this?

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