How Do You Define a True Kagay-anon?

A few days ago, I was asked by my younger brother this question, How do you define a True Kagay-anon? I answered it with my own definition practicing the things that I’ve learned with Toastmaster International. I totally have forgotten what my answer was but I wasn’t contented pushed me to ask the same question on twitter, and here are the answers. I also forwarded the answers to my brother for him to have an idea on what they can create for their Film Showing project.

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Define a True Kagay-anon.

I asked the question on Twitter – “How do you define a #TrueKagayanon?” Kagay-anons and netizens defined what a True Kagay-anon means on what they believe.

Storified by Vic Marion Madriaga · Mon, Sep 17 2012 07:41:39

@vicmadz #TrueKagayanon will not vote someone base on popularity and MONEY but only base on Credentials and LeadershipRhadem
@vicmadz A #TrueKagayanon should vote wisely this coming May 2013 and should never settle for mediocre politicians.Eia
“@EiraCaberte: What does it take to be a #TrueKagayanon ? @vicmadz ;)” SOMEONE WHO HAS THE BALLS TO (NOT) RE-ELECT ME.Fake Emano
@vicmadz When a #TrueKagayanon appreciates or sees something beautiful, he/she describes it with the word “Tsada!” :)JenJacqs Agbon
@vicmadz i find myself stuck looking for an answer to that question! HeheCarlo Borja
@jenjacqs @vicmadz What does really “Tsada” mean? I heard it from our neighbors but I don’t what that mean is.Jerick Carlo Almeda
RT @rachellesidlao: Proven! http://instagr.am/p/POiVjEtRUS/ — pwede ni #TrueKagayanon @vicmadz ! HeheCarlo Borja
@vicmadz a #TrueKagayanon is someone who memorized the lyrics of “people stay…in the middle of the city…i love this place!” haharuthie

Overall, the answers were a mixed of culture and politics. It is really obvious that the atmosphere around #CDO is getting hyped up as the elections is 2013 mid-term elections coming next year. How about you? How Do You Define a True Kagay-anon? 

Don’t hesitate dropping your insights below. If you wish to answer the question on twitter, mention @vicmadz and the #TrueKagayanon hashtag. This is Vic, Proud to be a Kagay-anon! 

One Commnet on “How Do You Define a True Kagay-anon?

  1. Kagay-anons have the attitude of being friendly, hospitable and God-fearing. Being friendly in a way that they talk and entertain people that are visitor in the city. They tend to smile though they have problems. They do believe that problems just do pass and don’t stay longer. Hospitable, yes they are always open for anyone that comes. Maybe a family member, friend or even a stranger. Last and most, being God-fearing. Nobody can’t forget about the typhoon crisis, which measured their faith in God. Yes, Kagay-anons are strong and brave.

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