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How to Successfully Register as a Voter Easily and Legally (for the 2019 Elections)

The Philippine election season has begun and the COMELEC has ended the voters registration period.

Over a year of informing the Filipino to go out and register. COMELEC has even expanded the options where we can register – key locations, barangays and even malls where people flock to window shop.

Not all took that call seriously. That includes me – I registered on the last week. (Face palm)

Even though I have registered late I am still proud to have gone the process as I am now qualified to vote in the 2016 Philippine Elections. I am excited. I’m ready to choose my first President as a full pledge voter.

A proof that I have successfully registered! Woot woot!

Now let’s go to the subject of this blog post – How to Successfully Register as a Voter Easily and Legally?

I may have lined up as early as 5AM, took the priority number at 6:30AM, I happy to have successfully registered easily without any questions from any COMELEC representative. So how? Let me share a life hack.

  • Register on the first few months of the registration period. On the last month – be as early as you can.
  • Secure a VALID ID or Birth Certificate prior the registration period.
    • For 20 years old and up. Make sure that ID contains your address.
    • For 18-19 years old – bring your authenticated Birth Certificate from the NSO.
  • My Life Hack: Fill out and print the Voter’s Registration Form from the COMELEC iRehistro Site.
    • Filling this form online and not submitting it to COMELEC will not make your registration successful.
  • Follow the instructions on the form or the email that will be sent to you.
Waiting for my turn to be called for me to start Step 1 – Interview.
  • Present your filled out form, ID (and 3 photocopied version) to the COMELEC officer.
I skipped this part – my form is complete and has been checked by the COMELEC rep.
  • Go to Step 2 – the log book. Don’t worry – once you have a printed copy of the form – their will be no questions asked.
I still think Step 2 – Log Book is irrelevant for a computerized registration.
  • Step 3 or the Biometrics data capturing part will be easy as it is convenient for the COMELEC rep to browse and copy your data to their system.
Four stations take the biometrics data from the registrants.
  • Last step is the finger print part and you should be good to go.

Did I not fill out the form ahead of time, I could have finished the process at 9 or 10PM. 


My mother has always been telling me to register for the upcoming elections. I’m glad I did and I have learned my lesson of not putting this as a priority – all of us are busy. Remember, think of our future. You may not know your vote will make or break the decision on the elections.

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