I Have a Vision for Cagayan de Oro, What’s yours?

ysalina-carmen-bridge-cagayan-de-oroThe countdown for the change of leadership in Cagayan de Oro has started. Even after the big win of Mayor-elect Oca Moreno, people including me are already optimistic and excited for the changes or improvement that is going to happen.

Hapsay, the word that has been inculcated to the Kagayanons during the 2013 Election campaign period, which means organized or arranged, has been on my mind for several days being stuck in heavy traffic for hours. We are all human beings, most of us visualize of the things we want or we need. Needless to say, I visualize a lot.

Room for Improvement

CdeO is bound to progress. I will not question that fact. Progress is also equals to opportunities and challenges. I have lived all my life in Cagayan de Oro. It is a place which was just placed on the map lately on National TV weather forecast. I have seen the traffic worsen as years pass by but nothing has changed on the traffic system. They built new bridges and big purple “road humps” yet we still face the same problem. Are we not going to use those bridges to its full capacity? Other than that – It’s a culture. Mostly of the drivers are not disciplined. I don’t blame them, it’s the system or it’s a will. It’s the transportation arm of the government that should implement, reinforce, and should recommend of the best solution to the problem. Are we going to wait for the Man of Steel to carry the entire burden?

Has Divisoria become the Ukay-ukaw capital of the south? So basically, the Night Market is open every day where people could just open their stalls in the center of the street nightly and sell their stuff. (insert sarcasm) I fully understand that we need to look for a living. It is most of the time the vendors and their goods are hindering the cars to pass by “peacefully”.

The City has invested a lot of money on infrastructure, particularly on the Marketplace, a decent place where the people from uptown Cagayan de Oro can sell their goods. But why do we still have vendors across the street? I believe that they should be able to sell inside the market with an affordable rate as they’ve traveled downtown to be able to make a living.


We all have something to complain about the City – the traffic, the chaos and all, but personally, have we made a simple contribution to resolve the problem? Or did we just let it pass because it’s not our task? Let us all think about it.  We all have dream and a vision to the city, a city that is progressive and orderly. We can all put the blame to the leader but remember that he can just move the pin and we should cooperate to make it successful.

I’m positive that the new city administration will make a difference. Now that people are more vigilant that ever – for sure the new administration will always be in the look out. To Mayor Oca Moreno, Congratulations! I hope you transform CDO into a progressive, organized and peaceful city.

What’s your vision for CdeO?

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