I Love Mamsuy’s Spanish Style Sardines

I have been stalking the CDOBloggers long before I joined the fun pack. Wow, for the first time I am publishing a big secret that the CDOBloggers already knew – LOL. Anyways back to the story. Sanasanz.com and the rest of the CDO Blogs has been part of my Google Reader. Other than receiving and reading blog updates. I have taken note a few products that they endorse or sell, and one of those is the Mamsuy’s  Spanish Style Sardines.

Finally after a year, I have tasted the Spanish Style Sardines sold by Sanasanz. Yey!

My verdict – Disclaimer as it is really addicting and you would want to eat the “bahaw” or your left-over cooked rice + cola.

Mamsuy’s Spanish Style Sardines Prices

Tamban – P60.00

Bangus – P80.00

To order, check out their Facebook Page – Mamsuy’s Spanish Style Sardines
Thanks Sanasanz!

Relax and Chill! vicmadz

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