Leading CDOBloggers this 2012

Looking Back 

2011 was a huge year for me, not only at work as a Trainer (which I really wanted to be), in addition to that was being part of CDOBloggers, Inc and becoming the Vice President for Internal Affairs of CDOBloggers 2011. The largest blogging community in Cagayan de Oro opened a lot of learning opportunities for me. One of which was to adjust and adapt to the new environment, the blogging environment.

Me, Ms. Ems, Aze and Crizzy
Magman and PinkSoda during the 2010 CDOBloggers Christmas Party

Crizzy and Goma during the 2010 CDOBloggers Christmas Party

The 2011 Team
My first CDOBloggers Tee

I remember the first time I got to personally meet all the talented and creative bloggers that I look up to – it was insanely awkward but they welcomed us (Aze, Crizzy and I) to the pack. I could remember the feeling that I already knew them online and I am sure they were also widely shock when I introduced myself and told them – I ALREADY KNOW ALL OF YOU.

CDOBloggers on GMA Network’s Isyu Karon 

Second was meeting all the bloggers around the Philippines, Tonyo Cruz was one of them and Ms. Irene of Mindanaoan.com which I also knew online but it was just late last year when I personally met her. Third was the learning opportunity to be involved in some of the events that I haven’t gone through the past – covering events, signing partnership contracts, partying at Tilt, speaking at the school tour,  going to the last frontier of CDO – Besigan, and lastly covering the Kagay-an Festival Parade.

The School Tour – M.U.S.T
The Last Frontier of CDO – Besigan 

Lastly, the CDOBloggers opened my eyes to everything that is happening in Cagayan de Oro – the sense of ones responsibility to the community. We may not be on the streets voicing out our opinions, but using the technology called – The Internet, we are able to convey the message to the world.

The Doubts 

Yes, I had doubts If I could lead CDOBloggers. There were times wherein I looked down to my capabilities because of fear – that certain feeling of covering myself with a huge blanket. I then realized why would they put me on this position if they haven’t seen what’s in me. Their trust is priceless and should be taken with good care and sense of responsibility.

Optimism for Positivitism 

Twice in my whole life I was told that I am always surrounded by the right people – at work or even outside of work. Yes, I believe that is true. I am surrounded with gutsy, fearless, creative, and talented unique individual (at work and with the bloggers). The bloggers based on experienced are influential as “we” draw the picture on the internet. We put in a type of media or information on the net – it could be print, audio and image and it’s up to you to decide your own actions. You can react, you can share it or you could even ignore it.

The 2012 Team 

CDOBloggers 2012 Officers:
President – Vic Marion Madriaga
Vice President – Internal – Venus Mabale
Vice President – External – Roxanne Hambre
Secretary – Jacq Agbon
Treasurer – Robstroy Gunayan
Auditor – Elva Agbon
PRO – Eleanor Aguilar

I am very grateful to have the following on the CDOBloggers 2012 Team. More than anything else, leading a huge blogging community is not a simple task. There is no “I” but “WE” are a team and we work together for the good of the group, the city, the people, the Island of Mindanao and the country itself. I fully trust the uniqueness and the strengths of the people in the 2012 team and the organization. May we have a productive, positive, enthusiastic and joyful year ahead. May we all learn from each and every one.

To the biggest network of Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, thank you for the trust. 

I would like to share my notes or guide during my induction speech given last February 26 at Lokal Grill, Corrales Ave., Cagayan de Oro City. 

Visit cdobloggers.com for the pictures and the stories last February 26, 2012. #cdobloggers2012
Photo and Video Credits: ladysoda.com, incdo.com, stop look and listen, GMA Network, and CDOBloggers.com

Relax and Chill!

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