Lessons from Maria Ressa and the Rappler Team

Roughly 2 months after SIBYA, the statements from the Rappler Team are still floating like clouds on my head. I don’t know what element was on the air could be running around that my adrenaline rush about social media is still up and running, could it be Dopamine? I guess so. (wink)
Josh Villanueva, Chay Hofilena, Pat Evangelista, Maria Ressa (The Rappler Team)
Below are the statements from the Rappler that greatly influenced me.

“When we share stories, we offer our imagination to others. We can change one person’s belief.” – Pat Evangelista

“…if I don’t tell these stories, maybe… I will forget.” -Pat Evangelista

“Social media now becomes more personal and more trust.” – Maria Ressa

“The world is changing. The key to all of it is self-awareness.” – Maria Ressa

Up to this point I am still using and putting all their insights, the knowledge transfer (not totally everything) and lessons I’ve learned during SIBYA in practice and so far positive results.

For instance, the tools and tips that they’ve shared during the Communicators congress greatly improved on how I and the rest of the CDOBloggers cover events, launching, and news coverage in promoting CDO. We have truly empowered us in real time coverage using social media.

With those all put in this blog post. I would like to thank Ms. Maria Ressa and the Rappler team sharing your knowledge in CDO. I still couldn’t believe I shook hands with Maria Ressa. It was a pleasure meeting your team. Looking forward to see you again very soon.
I’d like to end my blog post with this statement from Josh Villanueva – “Tomorrow starts to today. The power is yours.” 

Photo Credits: LadyJean Neri Fabela Flores – @iamladyjean

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