Lessons Learned from the Anonymous Amusing Lady

Never talk to strangers but sometimes stranger-encounters may happen unexpectedly. Who can say no talking to a witty woman. Let me share the Facebook status I posted last December 30, 2013.

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Just a few minutes ago while I was eating lunch at a nearby eatery below a fast rising condo, a stunning lady around her 60’s approached me and said “You will be a successful man!”

I just glanced at her and she added a few words like – “You have a very nice teeth, Dong!”

(Me: hmmm is that a compliment or bugal-bugal?)

She continued..”… I have been in the business for more than 25 years and I know by just looking at the person that he or she will be successful.” and she continued with her rags to riches story.

(Me: Am I just dreaming? Probably this is just a new networking product or a new scam or a person feeding my ego)
“Let me give you my card and probably we can have lunch soon.” and the lady went off with her huge bag to the car.
(Me smiling at the lady and still speechless)
Lil did I know upon reading and researching her name online that she was a multimillionaire/businesswoman.

Well, it was such a fruitful conversation. Sometimes, we just have to listen and learn from others. She may have fed my ego that time but one thing is for sure – Predictions will only be predictions if you don’t act on it. Remember, we are the managers of our lives. Our successes will depend on the actions that we will take.

Did you have any similar experience? How did you react to it?

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