Liempo King – the Best Lechon Liempo!

Filipinos totally love lechon but you would only have a taste of it once there is a celebration or if you’re in Cebu. Entrepreneur Jickie Uraya a food lover was determined to find more practical ways to enjoy our most loved Lechon. He began experimenting and putting in the best ingriedients for the best lechon liempo that is to be offered in Cagayan de Oro. Finally after 2 years of experimenting, Liempo King came to its existence. Liempo King opened its first branch in the ihaw-ihaw strip of CDO – JP Rizal Street, Cagayan De Oro City last December 2011 and at presently they also have branches at 6th Tomas Saco Street, Cagayan De Oro City and Upper Carmen (across Xavier Heights Subdivision), Cagayan De Oro City.
Not the Ordinary Liempo – the Best Lechon Liempo!
Lechon manok has been the main dish and liempo becoming the second option of the consumers. Liempo King highlights liempo as their main star. Every liempo is marinated with unique herbs and spices which are carefully tucked inside it’s meat allowing it’s flavors and aroma to fully take up. The meat is roasted and after fourty minutes you will taste the skin’s crisp on the outside plus the juicy lechon flavor on the inside.

Does it cost like Lechon too?

Absolutely not. An order will only cost you Php135 / 500g of lechon liempo making it a budget friendly must taste. Tight in budget? Their value meals will cost you Php 50-60 and their full lechon manok is at Php 140.

Charlene Go – Former MagTV na Cebu’s TV Host/Celebrity

CDOBloggers with Jickie Uraya and Charlene Go
Jickie Uraya and Charlene Go

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