Love, Mintugsok – the CDO Bloggers 2012 Trekking!

I miss trekking and definitely I miss the adventure. That is why when the CDO Bloggers Officers and Core especially Venus our VP Internal were thinking of an activity I did not anymore dare question the trekking. The plan was perfect – Goma – one of the organization’s board members is into adventures and in fact that is his niche (blog topic). So, it was last November 24 when we trekked Mintugsok Falls.
Indahag – The Entrance Point
After our Habal-Habal experience with Ms. Grace of the famous MisOrJobs.com we’ve finally reached Indahag. (Whew! Our adventure start at the Habal-Habal ride) My first time in Indahag was when we visited CEPALCO Solar Plant and this time at the Centro Indahag which is now populated compared from the stories told by elders that only a few reside at Indahag. While riding the habal-habal, we’ve discovered that most of the Sendong (Typhoon Washi) survivors were relocated at Indahag – our entry point.
The Exciting Trail
Hidden at Indahag is an exciting trail and it was pretty much like a 3-days work out for me as we have to pass through its time sculptured boulders, river banks, big trees, and hills. The adventure was made more exciting when Jaqcs, Mike and I were left in the trail and Goma had to go back and fetch us.
Love, Mintugsok.
The 2.8-kilometer trail is up and we’ve reached Mintugsok Falls, a hidden and unknown water falls in Cagayan de Oro. I have fallen in love with the place. It is a destination away from the bustling metro where you could really think and reflect. To add, even sleep on top of the boulders and relax. Nature, it is. I just felt sad and mad seeing those plastic cups lying around the vicinity. We should take good care of what we have and ensure that it’s untouched. My only wish that time was to ensure that it’s unexploited.
Overall, I enjoyed and learned a lot from the CDO Bloggers 2012 Trekking to MintugsokFalls. It was a day full of physical challenges. I’m proud to say I’ve reached Mintugsok and proven that Cagayan de Oro is not only the City of Golden Friendship but a reservoir and the City of Adventures!
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