My Quick and Memorable Visit to Ozamiz and Misamis Occidental!

Traveling indeed takes us to another dimension where we learn diverse things as we immerse ourselves to the different cultures, beliefs and ideas. I’m not really a big traveler but after being able to go to different places, I have seen the need to travel on your 20’s. That is why lately I go on to scheduled and unscheduled escapades from time to time. My recent and first trip to Ozamiz has made me realize one thing – I am truly missing a lot (A LOT!)

Let me take you to my journey to the Ozamiz! Ready? Ok!

It is my first time to travel alone and you’d know the feeling. It is the fear that engulfs our mind of the uncertain. Sometimes you really have to trust yourself that you will get to your destination.

Super 5 Bus to Iligan CityFrom Cagayan de Oro, I traveled anxiously westwards to Iligan City through Super 5 (my most trusted bus company) and from the City of Majestic Waterfalls to Mukas Barge Terminal,the entry point to Ozamiz from Lanao del Norte, for 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you’re not familiar with the route, make sure you’re always on the lookout for this sign.

Mukas Barge Terminal Lanao del NorteOnce aboard the barge heading for Ozamiz, a majestic view will calm your stressed mind – a relaxing scenery of the mountains and the sea. This 25 minute ride will surely be an awesome experience as you are facing the bounty of Pangil Bay.

Mount Malindang Range Natural Park Misamis Occidental

Mukas Port, Pangil Bay

Panguil Bay facing Mukas

I welcome you to Ozamiz City. Home to 131,000+ Ozamiznon.

Ozamiz City Port

Ozamiz City

Upon arriving in Ozamiz City, I was instructed to take a “motor” towards my destination. Little did I know that I took the wrong motor. The motor in CDO is the habal-habal type while in Ozamiz, motor is the pedicab type. Well, now I know, whenever I’m Ozamiz – I should take the motor – “pedicab”.

Ozamis Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Traveling towards North truly gave me an exciting feeling. These are the gems that Misamis Occidental has to offer. Our destination to the north is the Municipality of Panaon, a 30-minute ride from Ozamiz, where they flaunt their awesome shore rich with sea foods and many developing water attractions. I took the photos late in the afternoon, my apologies if it may not be visually appealing.

Panaon Beach Misamis Occidental Boat

Panaon Misamis Occidental Attractions

Panaon Misamis Occidental Boating

Except for this photo which I took after discovering some focus cheats on my iPod touch.

Panaon Beach Misamis Occidental

The night has come and we have to rest. It’s the time to go back to Ozamis. Of course one should never miss this food haven, Clarin House of Suman! Based on my research, the house of suman has made 13+ mouthwatering flavors throughout the years giving you more options to choose from. Clarin’s Suman is considered the OTOP (One Town, One Product) for the municipality. Kalami sa suman! Serious! Nam-nam!

Clarin House of Suman OTOP

Clarin House of Suman

It was such a quick yet memorable Ozamiz and Misamis Occidental. On my next visit to the province, I plan to take a peek on the famous Hoyohoy Highland Park, MOAP (Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park), the Christmas Symbols Festival in Tangub City and Mount Malindang Range Natural Park.

Writing this blog post has reminded me of the things I should accomplish the soonest. Have a great day, Higala! Visit Ozamiz, Visit Misamis Occidental!


7 Comments on “My Quick and Memorable Visit to Ozamiz and Misamis Occidental!

  1. Travelling alone? I know the feeling (HAHA). Actually, that’s one way to unravel the fears and unfold uncertainty that we’ve been holding on and it would be a relief that for once…….Yeah, finally I did it!
    Thanks for sharing your trip, one day I’ll find myself wandering Ozamis and eating that ‘Nangka Suman’. Never tried it yet. Lami ya.Vic? HAHA

    1. @nenski – Seriously a big relief upon arriving on my destination. HAHAHA! 🙂 Please do visit Ozamiz and MisOcc! Nangka Suman – lami! Babalik balikan mo. (I sounded like an endorser but yeah – Lamian jud!)

    1. @Mindanaoan – Yes, Ms. Irene – Ozamiz is Love! I remembered what you said years ago to travel and to learn from those experiences. I’m happy I’m “slowly” traveling now! 🙂 Thanks for those words. Nimarka jud.

  2. I have been to Ozamis City and passed the Mucas Port, unfortunately I haven’t set foot on that place yet. I was only inside the bus on my way to Dakak Beach. Hopefully soon I can roam around. And that suman, ohhh yeah. I tasted it and so yummy.

  3. I wish you had more time to visit all of Misamis Occidental. I assure you, you haven’t seen half of what the province could offer. From man made lakes to fabulous waterfalls. old structures to wildlife parks.

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