Pizza Hut was like Sendong

Customer Service is the King but without it your business is nothing. The day before Sendong cruised to Northern Mindanao, SM City CDO Pizza Hut was a prophetic introduction to obstruction.

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Why am I blogging my Pizza Hut experience?

Because I, and to speak for those who had experienced the worst of Pizza Hut, wasn’t satisfied with how they handled their customer. I did not publish this blog post to put them down. I am a customer and I want change. This incident happened before the day Sendong hit Cagayan de Oro.

Their customer service sucks big time!


  • It took them a long time to get our orders; we have wave our hands with exaggeration for us to get their attention. They gave us their short menu for the promo and not their main menu. 

  • Promised time frame of serving their promo with “time-limit-food” is not true which resulted to misleading of information. It was clearly indicated on their promo materials that if the food did not arrive in 20 minutes – they’ll have it free for you. We waited for 40 minutes. We gave them hints that it was more than 30 minutes – no reaction from the staff. 

  • We asked for water because we were “thirsty” waiting for the food – no reaction – we have to wave our hands again (big sigh). The orders arrived with time gaps – 5 minutes – 10 minutes – 20 minutes. We were there to eat. The feeling was extremely hungry/voracious/ravenous (nosebleed). Wow! I don’t want to be a cannibal – ready to eat them. 

  • After 2 hours – we were full… full of irate-ness. We waved our hand again (yes…again and again and… uh… again) to get our bill. Waved our hands over and over… One of us even called their attention and after 5 unproductive minutes – we paid them. No apologetic tone.

Customer Service is King.

No matter how appealing your products are. No matter how effective your radio or TV ads are.
No matter how big your company is.
No matter how you protect your company via social media – be respectful even if it’s just via a tweet. Don’t be defensive. Connect and listen to your customers.
Bottom line – set customers’ expectations and handle customer with care. The word of mouth is more effective than your ads.

I wish that this blog post will trigger CHANGE at SM City CDO Pizza Hut.

This is a personal blog post and doesn’t represent the organization that I am with and the company that I work with. You may always read the disclaimer.

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