Podcast Episode 10: Zenbiosis and The White Hat Yogurt Interviews

Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas! Today is the 25th of December and I am just so excited (really excited face) to publish the 10th episode of my humble podcast. Yey!

This is podcast episode is about the newest clinic of Dra. Grace Bandoy, the Zenbiosis Medical and Aesthetic Clinic. You can read my Zenbiosis experience here or listen straightly to Dra. Grace as she talks about her newly opened clinic.

The podcast also features the exclusive recorded session with the White Hat Marketing Manager from the company introduction, to their healthy and yummy products. I am just so excited to get a taste of their Yogurt Cake soon. Imagine that? Again, Yogurt Cake! (big smile)

The Store Blessing
The complimentary ticket that entitled me to get the free yogurt below.
I just love the strawberry topping. This is my hat! (wink)
The wide array of toppings you can choose from. I’m looking forward to more hats!

After the yummy and relaxing pictures, hit the play button to listen to this info loaded episode! Happy Holiday! Relax and chill!

Download this Episode here

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