Podcast Episode 9: Sen. Chiz Escudero Answers CDO Press and Bloggers

Last October 21, 2012, the CDO Press and Bloggers gathered together at the Kagay-anon Restaurant in Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center to attend Senator Chiz Escudero’s Press con in Cagayan de Oro City. In fact, this is my second presscon. The first was for the 15 lawmakers that donated houses to the Sendong survivors from their own pockets!(kudos). I really made sure to attend the press con for me to have a view of what and how Chiz Escudero works for the public. I arrived late as I have to attend an important family event. The aura of the room was pretty much serious when I arrived and the attendees were already throwing tough questions to the Senator and Grace Poe Llamanzares ex-MTRCB Chairwoman’s son Brian Poe Llamanzares.

This is what I love about blogging as I get to attend events which broaden my horizon on different topics. I can say that after listening to Chiz Escudero for 45 minutes, I have a glimpse of how they work for us and how can they make the Philippines better.  As a tax payer of this country, we should know where our taxes go.
Senator Chiz Escuder, VICMADZ and Brian Poe Llamanzarez – the gwapings (wink)
So friends, I invite you to listen to the 9thepisode of my podcast as he answered most of the queries about the Anti Cybercrime Law, Syntax Bill, Human Rights, the Bangsamoro Agreement, on the Freedom of Information Bill, on EPALism, bills for Government Retirees, Regional Hospitals, Sendong funds, National Budget, Environmental Law, Mining in CDO and being ”showbiz” lately. I highly suggest you download the mp3 file for you to be able to listen to it on your convenient time.

Podcast Episode 9: Sen. Chiz Escudero Answers CDO Press and Bloggers Highlights
  • On RA 10175 “It will not be scrapped…the Anti-Cybercrime law will be improved.”
  • On Syntax bill – “The Government needs revenue.”
  • On Human Rights – no human trafficking – “It’s headed by Sen. Pia Cayetano. It’s already in the senate committee.”
  • On Bangsamoro Agreement – “It’s not the final peace agreement. The real work will be done after the signing of agreement…. At what cause will you achieve peace.”
  • On the FOI – “The PH Government has no data gathering and archiving law.”
  • On EPAL – “We didn’t call the bill “Epal before…Wag gamiting ang pondo ng gobyerno.”
  • On Bill 2106 -“Targets the Government Retirees.”
  • On Regional Hospitals like the CDO City Hospital – “We’ve allocated money on it and gave it through the local government.”
  • On not receiving government funds – “It’s only Senator Lacson. We were not demanding for it.”
  • On the Sendong Funds given – “We have given the P4M to Habitat for Humanity.”
  • On DepEd with the lowest priority on the National Budget – “It’s one of the highest priorities.”
  • On an Environmental Law – “I am the head of the environmental committee on the senate.”
  • On Mining in CDO – “Our laws on Mining are strict enough. Mining in the Philippines is proponent driven.”
  • On being show-bizzy – “I don’t know how to act, dance and sing.”
  • On not running for the Presidency – “I did not mention that I’ll run, I just mentioned that I would love to run.”
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