5 Reasons Why I Believe Freelancing is Totally Rewarding

Hello to my dearest readers! How are you? I hope you are doing just fine. I feel great! Hope you are too!

Yes, as all of you know, I have left my employer for 8 years to spread my wings and cross the bridge to being a freelancer.

It wasn’t just a quick decision – it was a year of careful thoughts that led me to entering this big open sea.

Questions before Entering the Freelancing World

Before I resigned I have made sure that I would land a part time job. I just have to make sure that the transition will start. Taking actions early will make you realize the feels of being a freelancer. The early days were not easy. Daily you will be hunted by the same questions that would revolve around security and many more. It was all about assurance.


What I Thought Wasn’t The Same

I felt relieved after the first few days out of my long time employer – I told myself that I can now do anything I want on my time and at my pace but it was never like that all the time.

It is also like the corporate world on a totally different setup – telecommuting and the fulfillment of the expectations set to the clients. It’s all about being of great service to the ones that needs you the most. In a nutshell – it is all about relationship building.


Mastering One Skill

No freelancer would be the jack of all trades but what I have learned is if you specialize in one area – you would reap rewards and you will not think about it as work. That is why I have packaged myself doing social media works for small business locally and overseas though I know I have other skills set on my “back pack”.


But what made me think that being a FREELANCER is Totally Rewarding? Here are my 5 reasons (I encourage you to add more too)

  • I was able to spend more time with my family. I’m literally with them almost 24/7. My Lola was even shocked that I get to attend their monthly bonding. Her smile was totally priceless.
  • Be able to travel. Travelling has always been part of my bucket list but for the past 8 years – I rarely had gone out Cagayan de Oro. For the past 3 months I have been to almost different parts of the Island – Davao, GenSan, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Cotabato and Iligan. <3
  • The world is larger that we think. I love CDO and have almost dedicated my life towards the city. Little did I know that travelling towards the different places will make me crave for more. There is always something interesting about a certain place – their culture and how commerce takes place.
  • You will be more responsible of your financial assets. No work means no pay. You will surely train your minds to look for ways on how to make more money thru freelancing.
  • If you open yourself to the world – Sky is the limit for learning and a lot of opportunities.

Realizations after 3 Months

Being a freelancer is not as easy as you think – it requires perseverance , self motivation, responsibility and a lot of mind setting.  It has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I’d Like To Know What You Have In Mind

If you’re thinking of jumping ships – think about it a lot of times – pray for it. You may not know that when you jump the sea will offer you abundantly with opportunities.

For my dearest co-freelancers, what lessons have you learned as a freelancer or why do you think freelancing is totally rewarding? I’m listening and would like to add more to the 5 I have laid out. 🙂

Relax and Chill!


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4 Comments on “5 Reasons Why I Believe Freelancing is Totally Rewarding

  1. I agree with you Vic, being a freelancer has never been rewarding, I appreciate the mobility of the work and the flexibility of the income. For those who want to become a freelancer soon, I suggest you master a skill first then start on applying them and do it part time at first before fulfilling on becoming a full time Freelancer.

  2. Way to go Vic!
    In connection to responsible of your financial assets, you’ll also learn to have discipline and time management. The most essential trait to have when working freelance.
    Being a freelancer also needs discipline and patience ( handy when you have difficult clients).

    1. Hi @Venus, I thought I had the most patience. Being a freelance really requires enormous amount of patience. I must admit – there are times when clients are way beyond what we expected but with proper communication – thing/items can be settled.

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