Exclusive Interview with THE Rex Navarrete

[Interview Transcript]

Vic: Are you excited for your CDO?

Rex: Yeah, this is my first time. I’m excited. CDO is a new city, a new market and I have never been here. I’ve heard so much of it from friends. I know there’s a fan base here so it’s my time to come out.

Vic: Is this you first time in the Island?

Rex: I’ve been in Mindanao a few times, mostly in Davao, that’s it. This (Cagayan de Oro) is my second city in Mindanao.

Vic: The bio found on your website indicated that you started your career at a school with about 800 people in the audience. Is this where it all started?

Rex: Yeah, it’s a talent show. That was twenty-something years ago. Yeah and you keep going and going at it. More colleges, clubs, venues and the next thing you’ll know is you’re travelling. You’re travelling all over the world.

Vic: What’s your expectations with your audience in Cagayan de Oro?

Rex: I hope they’re fun. I hope they’re reception. We’ll meet each other halfway. Coming here to the venue – Empire. I’m anxious as well as everybody else. You gotta stay anxious. You have to be anxious especially to places you’ve never been. You can never take it for granted.

Vic: What keeps you going and doing all of these?

Rex: Just the work and people still liking it. People still like the material. They like the new stuff. They like the old stuff. You know, it keeps me busy. I can’t take a break from it. It’s nice to get offers to perform all over the place. This gives me the opportunity to visit new places and meet new people.

Vic: With the success you’ve had, do you still have bashers online?

Rex: Oh yeah! There is a lot of jealousy. There are still a lot of people who believed that my success is their failure. That’s how it is. Not particularly my success. Of course there’s going to be bashers, people to compete rather than sharing this whole process. Comedy is for everyone. Trying to bring laughter to the world. Even in comedy there’s a lot of weird tension.

Vic: Any favorite shows you’ve had in the past?

Rex: I don’t know. It hard to say. Those new places that I haven’t done with good response. Those big places doesn’t always promise big laughs or big reactions and it really depends where you’re at. I like discovering new places and it tends to surprise me.

Vic: How did you discover this talent?

Rex: Yes, I’m an introvert by nature and you just teach yourself to being extrovert on stage when you got to go to work. Otherwise when show’s over the show is over. I’m a pretty quiet guy and live normally. I’m not showbiz 24/7. That’s good, right?

Vic: Right. What’s your day like, Rex?

Rex: In between show, if I’m at home, I’m a dad, I’m a husband. I’m a family guy. That’s what I do when I’m not on the road. Just being there for the kids and preparing where’s the next journey is going to be. Pretty normal.

Vic: As a concluding question, where do you think will you be five years from now?

Rex: Who knows, I were still standing and breathing, and doing what we still love that’s where I’d like to be 5 years from now. I don’t like playing with the future. You’ll never know I might be doing something else totally but this is fun where it is at right now.  

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