Rizal 151

Happy 151st Birthday Dr. Jose Rizal! After 151 years, you presence can still be felt even via the tweets using #Rizal151. [<a href=”http://storify.com/vicmadz/rizal151″ target=”_blank”>View the story “#Rizal151 ” on Storify</a>]<h1>#Rizal151 </h1><h2>Dr. Jose Rizal celebrated his 151st birth anniversary last June 19. Below are curated tweets about #Rizal151:</h2><p>Storified by Vic Marion Madriaga · Thu, Jun 21 2012 08:27:52</p><div>@parengjoserizal #ForFunLang with the talles Rizal statue in Calamba 🙂 #Rizal151 😀 http://pic.twitter.com/OtpspuCCKej Andres • 1D</div><div>RT @Andresryoma: @parengjoserizal Rizal park 😀 #Rizal151 http://pic.twitter.com/f8GIgqPwJose P. Rizal †</div><div>RT @OfficialCPPB: Today we commemorate the 151st birth anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. #Rizal151 http://pic.twitter.com/ltq4ryU2Regie R. Bueno</div><div>Maligayang Kaarawan Ginoo #Rizal151 http://instagr.am/p/MDA-yDvIV2/noemi adao marcera</div><div>maligayang kaarawan #Rizal151Paulo Rubio</div><div>#Rizal151 I wish I was as smart and brave as you.KM Grande</div><div>Being a part of this event is tiring but worth it. #rizal151Karol Mae Villaluna</div><div>#Rizal151Vic Marion Madriaga</div><div>At chineck ko tlga ung bike marathon kung gano kalayo. Luneta to Calamba, more than 42K. Ang layo nga! #Rizal151 http://pic.twitter.com/0dpkcvXNkrisunta</div><div>strict ang lolo mo. #rizal151 @tweetnirizal @parengjoserizal http://instagr.am/p/MDjpcWBT2d/Diane Reyes</div><div>A fingerstache with matching big eyes for @parengjoserizal. =)) #rizal151 http://instagr.am/p/MDnElzoX8g/Almira ▲</div><div>Si Pepe #Rizal151 @ Rizal Park http://instagr.am/p/MD1VSkxRam/Rodessa May Marquez</div><div>I had fun working on this very simple @Lopez_Muse GIF http://twitpic.com/9yffyc with 19th century Filipino patriots and artists! 🙂 #Rizal151Eric Aericangelo</div> Relax and Chill! vicmadz

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