Sagbayan Peak and the Bohol Tarsiers

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Sagbayan Peak is a mountain recreational tourist hotspot offering a 360 degree view of the famous Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Dome, a Restaurant, Statues Dinosaurs and Famous Cartoon characters from Disney and many more. It is located in the Municipality of Sagbayan – 45 miles northwest of the capital city, Tagbilaran. This place is the coolest place in Bohol in terms of air temperature.
Contact Details:

6331 Sagbayan, Bohol, Philippines

Phone: +63 38 5111 9167

Phone: +63 921 3230 866

Bohol Tarsiers – Considered as the World’s Smallest Primate
Scientific Name: Tarsius Syrichta

Size: 4 to 5 inches

Weight: 113 to 142 grams

Tarsiers are nocturnal animals, they sleep during the day and yet very active during the night. If you plan to visit them, make sure that your camera’s flash is off for you not to stress them. They’re very small yet very clever in hiding from you. Currently there are 2 tarsiers at Sagbayan Peak for public viewing, the rest of them are out in the wild. (wink)

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