Schedule of COMELEC Registration in CDO for the 2013 Elections

I hate lining up and waiting for my turn on anything, especially securing an ID on any government offices. The last Philippine elections, I just let it pass and giving the decision to the everybody. I wanted to be counted this time, I wanted to exercise my right to vote. Being a citizen and a tax payer, I saw the value of voting in the 2013 Senatorial Elections this May 2013, that I, you and we can make a difference. Let’s talk about taxes. We have taxes to support our country. There are times where I ask myself – is the money of the People of the Philippines going back to its people? Hmmm? I see roads, I see purple flyovers but I know its not enough to satisfy my question. I have I often think of the future and I often ask my what if I voted the wrong public official? For sure we are doomed.

The Philippines improves by 10 Places in the Global Competitive Index
As per the Official Government of the Philippines Gazette, the source of this next few lines, “The Philippines now ranks 65th in terms of country competitiveness, improving by 10 places from its ranking in the World Competitiveness Report last year.” The WEF reports also mentioned “[Corruption and red tape] are finally being addressed decisively, even though they remain pervasive. The macroeconomic environment also exhibits marked improvement (36th, up 18) and represents one of the strongest aspects of the Philippines’ performance, along with the market size pillar (35th). This is change and I am happy about it. Change is not made overnight. It has its process and I still have my 100 percent confidence on how our government is running the country.

The change starts at me and you.

Like me, do you want to be counted on the 2013 Philippine Senatorial Elections? New and Cagayan de Oro and wanted to transfer your voting rights here? The PPCRV and COMELEC are encouraging every qualified voter to register NOW to be able to vote in the May 13, 2013 elections.

Below are the details from the PPRCV (Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting – Philippines) and COMELEC.

Who May Register:
– New Registrants – those NOT yet registered as voters who were born on or before May 13, 1995.
– Transferees – currently registered as voters in other places but have become residents of Cagayan de Oro City.
– Change or Correction of Entries – for change in personal circumstances [ex.: marriage] or whose entries in the records of the COMELEC need to be changed or corrected.
– Re-activation – those whose registrations were deleted from the list of voters but now want to be re-activated.

Accepted requirements are any of the following:
– ID Card with Signature of Issuing Authority:  Employment, Postal, School, or Senior Citizen, SSS/GSIS, IBP, or PRC
– Driver’s License, NBI/PNP Clearance, or any valid ID with present address, or Passport with proof of billing, e.g., electric, phone, or water bills
– Birth Certificate for 18-19 years old [3 photocopies]; also bring ID Card
– Marriage Contract for change of status [3 photocopies], also bring ID Card

Please also take note that your CEDULA or BARANGAY CLEARANCE will not be accepted. 


Registration hours at the COMELEC Office are from 9:00AM to 4:00pm.  Registration at the COMELEC Office is done every day, except Sundays, Holidays and during Off-site registration days.  Registration will be until October 31, 2012.

OFF-SITE SCHEDULES – There will be no registration at the COMELEC Office.

September 14: Xavier University for Students and Staff
September 15: SM City, Cagayan de Oro City, 10AM to 4PM
September 21: Liceo de Cagayan University for Students and Staff
September 22: Lim Ket Kai Mall, Cag. de Oro, 10AM to 4PM
September 24:  Capitol University, Corrales Ext., for Students and Staff
September 25: Pilgrim Christian College, Capistrano St., Students and Staff
September 26:  MUST, Recto Avenue, for Students and Staff
September 27:  COC, Carmen, for Students and Staff
September 28:  Lourdes College, Capistrano St., for Students and Staff

I commend the COMELEC for doing the off-site registration. In this way, I and you can be counted on the upcoming elections. Please feel free to share, repost the schedules and requirements. Let us also make use of technology, share this post on Facebook, retweet, email this post to your friends. Thank you very much in advance.

Let us be counted and be a responsible citizen of our country. Remember, we have the power to shape the future of our motherland, the Philippines. I’d would like to thank PPRCV and the top I.T. firms in CDO for tapping the CDOBloggers, Inc. as of their online media partners.

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