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Spoke about Social Media at the MSU-led Digital Marketing Seminar

Only half of the country’s population has access to the internet and the Philippines is considered to be a social media country.

According to and’s state of the internet in 2016, the Philippines has the most number of hours spent in social networking – a whopping 5 hours and 23 minutes versus 4 hours and 59 minutes for Brazil and South Africa. Imagine the time spent – a big opportunity for business owners.

These were the words that got the attention of the attendees when I  attended at an MSU-led Digital Marketing Training as a speaker. They smiled and looked at me like a validation that the figures were correct. Today, the internet and social media is an integral part of a modern Filipino. Once you’re hooked on the net, there’s no going back. The internet can be addicting and small business owners can take advantage of that.

Over the course of an hour and a half, I was able to share with them not only statistics to prove the importance of social media for marketers but also the importance of social media listening. Listening online is being able to tap the netizens interest, likes and behaviors. Without listening, your online marketing efforts may be useless. A social media strategy is also needed to guide small business owners or online marketers to get their business goals.

Another topic that got the interest of the students was when I shared the state of the social media in North Mindanao, particularly in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City and Marawi City. We may be in this part of Mindanao but each city has their own set of behaviors and interest. They were in big awe when I showed a data of the relationship status per city, top Facebook pages, and device usage. They even validated that the data I showed for Marawi City is almost accurate with their social networking behaviors.

The last set of slides I showed to them were the sample campaigns that proved the power of social media not only for big brands but also for small businesses. These were the campaigns of the brands in CDO that I do social media work for. This was a transition phase to the last part of the presentation which was an activity to create a social media strategy for Marawi City’s tourism. Since it’s a training, I’d like them to apply what they’ve learned from my session and they did not disappoint me. There were 20+ solid social media campaign entries and these were the ones that got my attention – “Landap sa Marawi” – Landap in Maguidanaon word for “Laag” in bisaya, and “Bolos Kano Sa Marawi” which means Welcome to Marawi.

For a business to succeed using social media, one must listen, adapt and be relevant online.

Thank you to Prof. Richard Celeste and the Mindanao State University – Marketing Department for inviting me.
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This article originally appeared on my weekly column at Urban Life – Mindanao Gold Star Daily.

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