Speak or Forever Hold Your Silence

With so much happening in our lives we fear that the moment we speak, we are judged. In fact, that is seriously true. Most of us are crowd pleasers. We tend to just be silent as we hate to be rejected. You can correct me if I’m wrong. (wink)

We were born to have a brain, to think of what is right. Why not use it? I know I’m being sarcastic but that I just want to express myself. We’re raised differently resulting to huge differences. Isn’t it boring if we were created the same way?

Speak up or else, you would never have the chance to do it. Speak up to be able to give the right treatment.  We need to speak to contribute even though the person to whom we are talking to is not listening. I totally hate that but do remember to still speak up.

Now given the chance that you were able to speak up, take note that the words that may go out from the mouth should be with dignity. Remember to use the right words and the right timing. Be sure that you are able to convey your thoughts out. As you speak, a lot will listen, thus, you need to mark your words. If ever you made a mistake, admit it. Don’t let it go. Correct it.

Aside from speaking up, listen to yourself. Listen to others as they speak up. We are entitled to speak our hearts out. Again, speak up or forever hold your silence.

Check out the video included on this blog post to jump start on how we can start expressing ourselves. Let me know of your thoughts, speak up by commenting below. 🙂

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