Speaking at the JCI Kagayhaan Gold’s Blogging Workshop and Seminar for a Cause

Last June 23, 2012 I was invited by to speak at Kagayhaan Gold’s Blogging 101 and Make Money Online 2-in-1 workshop for a cause. It was held at Mars Internet Café and was attended by about 25-20 participants. It’s indeed fun to share what you’ve learn from all those years of blogging and tinkering around the net. I arrived early as expected and was able to see how the organizers were enthusiastic about the event. Little did I know that the event was not only a workshop but a workshop for a cause.  I stayed near the registration table and I was amazed that the participants where bringing books. Kudos to the organizers! They were really thinking out of the box.
I started the workshop with the topic Blogging 101. Blogging is a wide topic and an evolving form of media. I shared the stuff that I went through and also how the CDO Bloggers helped me in developing the craft that all bloggers wanted to master. I covered the brief history of blogging, how to start, where to start, what to post, and kinds of blogging before hopping to Social Media which is the next big thing.
Pinay Mommy Online Ruby also shared her knowledge about Making Money Online. She imparted how she worked hard up the ladder of making money and stressed out that there are lots of ways to make money online. I really paid attention to Mommy Rubz as she shared her secrets and tips to make money online and slowly applying it to my blogs.
Overall, not only I had fun that day, I’ve also learned a lot from the organizers and Pinay Mommy Blogger Ruby.
Thank you for inviting us JCI Kagayhaan Gold and more power! 

Photos from Thrina Tan Dimaano

Relax and Chill! vicmadz

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