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Tech21’s Impact Snap Case for Apple Macbook Air 13 Review

I’ve had troubles with my PC and over a year ago I decided to go for a Macbook Air. It was an investment I had been saving up and anticipating. When I got my Mac from a local Apple store here in CDO, I was just as excited as a kid to try it. Immediately turned it on and instantly I fell in love with its functionality and easiness. Take it from me. I never had a huge problem with Mac ever since I got it.


I’m very thrift in terms of investing to gadgets or things. I thoroughly think of it a thousand times prior getting one. Getting an Apple Macbook Air 13 case was even a pain in the back for me. I never really thought of getting one. I felt I would not need one but I was wrong. I needed to fly to Manila and work is something that I have to bring. I work almost everywhere. As long as there’s internet, there’s work – even on airports.

A day prior to my flight my feet led me to the same Apple store here in Cagayan de Oro. Upon arriving at the store, I immediately asked the staff that I am looking for a case for my Mac. Luckily they still have two and I added that I’ll be flying up north so I may need a case that’s sturdy. They recommended that I get Tech21’s Impact Snap Case. As I was deciding, the staff added that my Mac will be fully protected as Tech21 case has this technology called FlexShock™. It meant that it had ultra efficient, absorbing and dissipating impact force and stops that force from passing into your device. He even dropped it. Which I did not expect. Time was running out and I had to decide. I got the grey-colored Impact Snap Case for Apple Macbook Air 13 and had it snapped to the Mac immediately. It had a reasonable price worth for the protection it promised. It should be sturdy.

My over a year old grey impact snap case. It has survived the test of time!

Today, over a year has passed my Mac is still intact. I’ve had a couple of travels the past year and yet I’m not bothered anymore of the fact that my Mac will be damaged because I know Tech21’s Impact Snap Case for Apple Macbook Air is reliable.


Here are tons of reasons why it’s worth every peny for this investment:

  • It’s ergonomically design to be slim. It’s not an eyesore, it promotes comfort to the user. Again, it’s slim and beautiful.
  • The case has 4 different thin and thin layers which protects the computers from huge impact.
  • It’s packaging and product itself is sturdy and is produced with high quality.
  • You will have full access to all the ports. Meaning the case will not hinder you to connect to certain ports on your Mac.
  • You can easily snap the case to your MacBook Air.
  • Lastly, nothing is worth priceless when you’re not stressed of what’s happening to your laptop. You don’t want to be anxious every time you travel.

Definitely, a Tech21’s Impact Snap Case for Apple Macbook Air 13 is a wise investment for a digital nomad like me or a traveler like you.

Also, this year Tech21 also released a limited-edition case with a unique design by the eminent Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. It promised to keep your iPhone in the same beautiful condition as it was when you bought it, while enabling you to carry a small piece of Chinese culture with you wherever you go.

Jacky Tsai’s iPhone case

Should I invest again in an Apple product, I know where to go now – Tech21.

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