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TGI Fridays Made Our 2nd Month worth Remembering

This is not my first time in T.G.I. Fridays Centrio Mall, CDO. I, together with the CDO Bloggers was invited to their media launch a few months ago. I’ve been always impressed with how the Bistro Group (TGI Fridays, Itallianis, etc) treat their customers. They have been dear to their customers and if I may add they have been listening carefully to all their patrons. One example of that is the text hotline where you can send in your suggestions, complaints or anything. In just a few minutes, their text hotline will reply – Just totally AMAZING!

Last month I brought my dearest babe to T.G.I. Fridays after winning a Bistro GC in a company sponsored event. Looks like I’ve been really blessed these past few months. (Woot! Woot!)

It’s her first time at T.G.I. Friday and we decided to go to one of their signature dishes – the Fish Veracruz (Php 375). It’s a sautéed white fish fillets simmered with white wine, tomatoes, capers and olives. Both of us find the dish tasty and healthy too.

The Mocha Mud Pie Pops (Php 295) is a Friday’s classic on a stick! Flavorful coffee ice cream drops dipped in chocolate and coated with Oreo crumbs and roasted almonds. It is served on a cloud chocolate mousse with chocolate fudge sauce.

Not only that we enjoyed the food, their smiling and accommodating staff were there to cheer the atmosphere as they entertained their dining customers with a dance number – a certified TGI Friday’s concept. Take note, Steph requested that the staff should dance and I’m glad that Fridays listened to her. Take a look on the TGI Friday’s video I recorded.

Looks like VICMADZ got added POGI points after dining in at TGI Fridays – Centrio Mall – Cagayan de Oro. In TGI Fridays, it’s always a FRIDAY.

Update (6/9/2013): As requested by, our photo. 🙂

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