The Sad Reality of a Sick Filipino Belief

Last June 17, I posted an interesting conversation on my Facebook wall. I intentionally posted the exact words that came out from the 2 proud fathers chatting heavily inside the old jeepney.

Here’s my post:

Let’s translate to English for the global readers to understand.

Heard this conversation while riding a jeepney earlier:
Father 1: Pila na gali imo anak migo? (Mate, how many kids do you have?)
Father 2: Walo na, gusto pa nako dugangan. (I have eight and I still desire to add more.)
Father 1: Maayo na kay para pagdako nila, sila nay paka-on nimo. Sila napud mag trabaho ug maghatag nimo. Hayahay na dayon kaayo kay migo. (Good to hear that! The moment they grow old and you age, they’ll provide everything for you. You should be problem-free then)

Please tell me that I’m just dreaming. Please.

In an hour, I received ample likes and various comments from my friends. I thought people would take it negatively but little did I know that people have different views about it. I’d like to highlight a few comments that truly captured my “gold fish” attention.

Good thing i wasn’t there, i would have handed him a condom. – PJ

ROI. – Ruth

I send my children and nieces and nephew to school and i dont expect in return from them…i just asked them to put me at.the home for the aged and use my.pension to pay my bills lol – A comment from my aunt

Pinoy logic of having children: raffle promo ang pag panganak. The more entries the more chances of winning! – Andy

The financial curse – when you are investing your children to become your insurance and healthcare when you get old. -Raul

Its too feudal. – Titus

Majority replied that i was a sick belief and I agree with them 100%. Some say it was old-fashioned, and it is. A little few commented that it was more like of a business – ROI? It’s more than that.

But what if the dear fathers did not even fulfill their responsibilities to their kids? Do they still have the right to demand? Are the old fashioned parents just assuming that if they produce more offspring they’re future will be a 100% secured?

Up to this point, many of us are still with our parents. How do we break that sick belief in our culture? I know it will take time to massively change the mindset of the people affected. I just pity on the kids carrying this non-obligatory responsibility. I feel that it’s time to change it. Others may feel that the kids are selfish, they’re not. Payback is not mandated, it will come eventually. To the parents with this mindset – you are not helping your kids. You are being selfish. If you haven’t fully equipped your kids in facing life and you demand from them – shame on you. Let them start their life. Let’s stop this sick belief.

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