Together with the 15 Congressmen of the Philippines

Yes, I was together with the 15 lawmakers of the Philippines. Thanks to Mindanaoan.com for inviting the CDOBloggers to be with them and cover the event. Their day started off with a very delightful breakfast at Happy Eggs Eatery. I got stars trucked seeing the in one occasion. It was a pleasure meeting Cong.  JV Ejercito, Cong. Luigi Quisimbing and the rest of the pack. The perk of being there was to really get in touch with them and their views with just anything under the sun. Aside from that, the bloggers were also part of their convoy to their itinerary in Cagayan de Oro, from Happy Eggs to the GK build site at Canitoan and to their Press Conference held at Malberry Suites. It was such a fun filled and lessons filled day together with them.
Breakfast at Happy Eggs Eatery!

The lawmakers at GK Canitoan Site

The Lawmakers in Action!

Behind the Scenes of TV Patrol Northern Mindanao

P.S. Thank you Congressman Luigi Quisimbing for the Lechon Cebu. 🙂

Relax and Chill!

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