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Can we really get TRUST anywhere?

You probably have clicked the link because of the big word TRUST. It’s not what you think – (green minded). I hope that you clicked the link for a reason and not just some sex education thingamajig. Shhh…

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With no fear, I know that this would be a different blog post from what I have written in the past. To celebrate our 16th monthsary, Steph and the excited “Me” decided to take the somewhat unique route of eating a heavy lunch at Tonkatsu – a new Japanese resto at Centrio. As expected, we were satisfied with what we ate. Quite heavy that we missed the first ten minutes of the movie that I was forced to watch – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Initially I told Steph that I don’t like the sense of watching monkeys on the big screen at just a small but beautiful Cinema 1 of the said mall. Like, Okaay! Looks like this is the most exciting movie to watch on the block. Here we go.

Upon entering the quite cinema where a hundred of movie goers watch seriously on the scene beamed on the screen, I decided to Trust Steph on this choice. The movie centered on a pack of human being, headed by Malcolm, who survived on a ALZ-113 virus and the group of matured baboons apes, led by the human raised Caesar with the antagonist Koba, building a dream civilization. None the less, I was surprised that the apes were speaking in English! Just unexpected. I thought in the middle of the movie that an X-Men mutant would appear and surprise the “somewhat-serious” audience. My expectations failed – no known mutant appeared on any scene.

To continue – Hungry for energy, the human group headed towards the abandoned dam where the baboons (I mean) apes lived and created a community. A hard headed member shot an animal which led the whole pack to ask the humans to go and never comeback again. They were not done, Malcolm, the leader of the journey, decided to step up and faced the Caesar promising that they will never do anything to anybody. During the first half of the movie, Trust was broken but then regained. It was weird but it depicts the reality. This action pack film will surely open you imagination to anything possible, from apes talking, using the gun, healing others and initiating a war to the human race, making it more appealing for those who wouldn’t settle for just a movie full of dialogues. I encourage you to watch the movie as I will not give the details. I know, I am such a teaser.

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The movie revolved around Trust. Trust, which happens to be rare lately, is the most common action we use daily. Whatever we may do, a decision or an action, it requires trusting somebody. For someone to move, trust is mainly the driving force. Trust starts at the moment you created a desire. One thing is for sure – trust somebody who is trustworthy. Remember, Trust is earned and not mandated. Trust can be seen anywhere where a mutual decision is established. The movie reminded us that trust is such a big word that needs to secured, taken seriously and responsibly.


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