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Unexpected! My First Ever Radio Interview

Being the President of the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc. comes a big responsibility to hold. So far as the head of the blogging community in Cagayan de Oro I have been blessed with a lot of talking opportunities like being on TV Patrol Northern Mindanao and Arangkada last year and my first time on radio in 2013 at RMN DXCC last January 15. All this TV guesting and radio interviews were about the bloggers and netizens stand against the Anti-Cybercrime Law or Republic Act 10175. The CDO Bloggers is still firm with its stand against the law and we hope that it will be reviewed thoroughly by the Supreme Court Justices.

Stand by mode for 10 minutes before I go ON AIR
Saying Hi and Hello with Kasamang Rey and Annaliza! 
Now speaking to the public and educating them on the effects of the Cybercrime Law.
The law itself has its strong sides but I am more worried on the take down of website clause and the freedom of expression, etc.
Kasamang Annaliza listening intently to me as I discuss new terms to them like “Social Media Practitioner”.

Last January 18, 2013, a follow up interview about the use of social media this 2013 Elections was done via phone patch. 
As a summary, we internet users can always voice out our feelings online, before we post anything, let’s review and think of the effects that our statements may cause. Be a responsible internet user.
Thank you RMN DXCC’s Kasamang Rey and Kasamang Annaliza for the opportunity to air our side on the issues lately. I’d also like to thank @theemiliarafols (follow her on Twitter as she will bring new color to the lifestyle industry in CDO), a fellow trainer for giving me tips on how to answer radio interviews. 

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