VICMADZ joins Mindanao Gold Star Daily’s UrbanLife

2015 has been such a big year for me. As the years unfold, new opportunities also opened.

I’d like to formally announce that I have joined Mindanao Gold Star Daily’s UrbanLife section as their newest columnist.

Photo by Bo Daclan
Photo by Bo Daclan

You will now see VICMADZ on Mindanao’s biggest newspaper every first and third week of the month. If talks about my personal life, travels and thoughts, VICMADZ on UrbanLife will talk more about the internet, social media, tech stuff, online solutions with a little bit of travel and more on the side.

It’s always been my dream to write for a newspaper.  During my elementary and high school days, I used to submit my articles but unfortunately it wouldn’t pass on their standards. This is one reason I ventured to blogging at an early age. I thought that blogging would give me a great avenue to tell great stories and it did happen. I am truly grateful to you for reading every blog post I publish – I hope I am making sense and being relevant to the changing times.

Don’t worry, I would still continue to blog and share my personal adventures here. I’ll continue to tell stories.

with the UrbanLife Columnists, photo from Bo Daclan
with the UrbanLife Columnists

In case you missed my the previous releases of VICMADZ on UrbanLife, you may read it here:


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