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VICMADZ to speak at the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 in Cebu

Yes, confirmed. I will be speaking at the much awaited Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 with the theme: Trending Forward. It will be on March 16, 2013 at JCenter Convention Center – JCenter Mall,Mandaue City, Cebu. It is organized by iNewMedia Online Network and co-organized by the Ceby Bloggers Society, Inc. Proceeds of the event will benefit Dr. Narciso Tapia Kidney Transplant Fund, World Vision, and Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

So what exactly is the Social Media Influencers Summit?

Social Media Influencers Summit is an annual event where national social media though-leaders and influencers convene to share best practices, discuss issues and concerns, promote ethics and standards and highlight each social media users responsibility.”

Maria Ressa of Rappler will be the summit’s keynote speaker and I will be speaking together with the following social media personalities and thought leaders:

Chris C. Ducker – Community Trending – Using Social Media to Build and Online Tribe
Kevin Ray Chua – Effective Use of Social Media in the Philippine Elections
Jonha Ducayag Revesencio – How can your brand engage with Influencers (without annoying them)
Maria Irene Aserios – Impact of Social Media Influencers in National and Local Politics
Mary Jane Cabrera – Community Social Media Influencers at Work: The Iloilo Bloggers Experience
Hannah Almira Amora – Facebook Success Story: How we raised One Million Pesos in Three Month
Atty. Ethelbert Ouano – Minding your Social Media Rights  and Responsibilities
Janette Toral – Am I a Social Media Influencer?
Fitz Gerard Villafuerte – Maximizing the Use of Social Media for your Business
Lisa Marie Mirasol – Social Media Advocacy Success Story: One for Iligan of Iligan Bloggers Society

To elaborate more on the theme – Trending Forward:

“Trending” means “the general direction in which something tends to move.” Each individual or company may have separate goals, but the ultimate goal of any “Social Media Influencer” is to create a buzz for its cause to make it appear on the “trending” topics of the social media networks.

“Forward” is being used to depict the innovation/presentation that each social media influencers should do to reach and influence the target audience. Buzz is not created by all. It is practiced by those who had mastered it. And this craft is fast changing with the dynamic preference and attitudes of the social media users.

I will be representing our very own CDO Bloggers, Inc. and will talk on the fundamentals of growing the Network of Cagayan de Oro Bloggers. What excites me the most is to talk to more 300 expected guests, meeting a lot of people, first time in Cebu (Yes!) and the opportunity to impart the organizations experiences.

To engage in the summit, the official hashtags are the following: #TrendingForward #SMIS2013. See yah there!

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