Why Like Mai2x and Sean’s Pre-Wedding Photo?

I am proud to be working as a trainer for the biggest BPO company in Northern Mindanao. It is also one of the 500 Fortune companies. Well, recently the company initiated a Like a Photo contest on Facebook where departments can submit their best pre-wedding photo. We made Mai2x and Sean as our model for the Training Department.

Among all the Trainers, why Sean and Mai2x?

Because we are sure that despite their difference they will be able to portray a good pre-wedding photo that will convey will convey meaning of hate to love relationship, which they did. Thanks Ms. Mai2x and Sean! You are absolutely excellent actors.


I encourage you to help us make their photo win. Like the company’s facebook page first and of course, their sweet pre-wedding photo.

Thank you very much in advance to all VICMADZ readers. (wink) I owe it big time to all of you folks!)

This blog post is meant to help Sean and Mai2x win the Like a Photo Contest.

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