Wela, a School System the Parents and Teachers will Love

Today, I talk to Bai Web and Mobile Labs Sean Mira and John Vincent Fiel to talk about the school solution system they made called Wela.

About Wela School System:

WELA is an integrated school management system that provides tools to increase productivity and streamline data management. It is an easy-to-use web application that is affordable and secure. It offers mobile accessibility to support a richer communication between schools and families.

WELA’s suite of school solutions include Admissions & Enrollment, Conduct & Behavior, Grading Management & Reporting, Announcements & News and Parent’s Portal.

WELA is developed using the Frappe framework. It uses the SaaS software licensing and delivery model.

Contact details:
Websites: http://www.wela.online/, https://bai.ph/
Email: happy@bai.ph

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