When you realize you missed doing one thing…

It’s a cold Wednesday night and just got off a client meeting when suddenly an action made you realize you missed a thing.

businessman-standing-in-his-officeProbably I just missed the feeling of doing free blogging or writing. That is when you don’t think of any creative concept for a blog post but you just let the words flow from your heart down to the typing field on WordPress. I missed this but I can always do this always at any time.

Over the past few weeks, one thing has been hunting me and it is talking in front of a small crowd. You might be thinking I could just be looking for attention but it’s not. If it was I should have interrupted small groups I see on the streets on at a mall. The past few weeks, I have been looking for an opportunity to share my knowledge. It could have been one of the reasons I made my yearly blogging webinar a little early that August. Another reason is doing online work that I have missed interacting with people which I rarely encounter for working online.

In case you did not know, I was a Skills Trainer at a BPO company here in Cagayan de Oro for  likely 3 years until I decided to pursue a career in Social Media. Being a trainer has been one fulfilling job. I get to teach people. I get to see them being molded and I get to see them have that certain skill at the end of a time period. It’s when you see them doing baby steps and end up being great at what they do – that’s the most awesome part of being a skills trainer.

For sure I am not in a position to be on a quarter life crisis. I know the goals I’ve set and I’ve always looked at notebook to where I have written them down. At this point, I just wanted to talk and teach. Being a trainer doesn’t need to be in the academe or the BPO industry, let’s see where this urge of talking will take me. I have a couple of options. I still have fears (I want to erase that fear.) and I’m willing to give it a shot.

P.S. I hope you can join me on my Blogging for Beginners – Year 2 webinar this June. No date yet but will surely announce updates here.

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