Bigby’s and Missy Bon Bon’s Opening at Centrio with Exciting Promos

Bigby’s, a home grown Cagayan de Oro restaurant, revolutionized the dining habits of Kagay-anons by offering a variety of internationally-famous food with big servings at very competitive prices in a family-friendly atmosphere through the years.
with KAMI (High School Buddies L-R ) Florence, Joan, Jovan, Laiza and Richard
Celebrated my 20 something birthday at Bigby’s years ago…
The fun times. Jovan taking the photo.
Ever since I started working as a call center professional uptown – Bigby’s has been one of our top choices during pay days (big smile). I personally love their Racka Bye Baby, Belly Sizzlers and Grilled Chicken Carbonara (my top go-lite choices). I am also looking forward for their SM City CDO reopening this October.
Last Friday, October 12, 2012, Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation invited the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers to witness the first hand details of Bigby’s Centrio and Missy Bon Bon Centrio. We were welcomed by none the less, Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation President Henrik Kelly Yu and Marketing Manager Annabelle Villanueva. In line with their new stores, they’ll be running 2 exciting promos. Are you ready Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao? (Drum roll please)
Let’s start with the mind buggling detective game that Bigby’s will be running. Are you up for the challenge? The promo is called – “Who ate my ribs?”
Like and Follow Bigby’s on Facebook for the clues that will answer Mrs. Em’s question – “Who ate my ribs?” from Oct.15  -Nov.9, 2012 until you find out who really ate Mrs. Em’s ribs!

The story on this slide show provided by Bigby’s: 

The Transcript of the Story:

Mrs. Em is an old lady living with her old dog in a remote neighborhood. Her dog, a dalmatian named Spotty, is her best friend  If she isn’t asthmatic, she would have allowed Spotty to always stay inside her house. However, because of her asthma, Spotty has always stayed in his cage outside of her house. Mrs. Em is friendly and accommodating; thus, neighbors usually drop by not only to help her with the household chores but also to take care of her when she is sick. One day, she is not feeling well so she calls up her nearest neighbor, Mr. A, to come over.

Mr. A immediately helps her out by making her rest while he feeds the dog. He texts another neighbor, Ms. B, to come and help him do the chores. Mrs. Em doesn’t get better the next day, so six (6) neighbors come to her house to help out. One neighbor brought flowers, one gave fruits, and one brought a yummy Rack-a-bye Baby Ribs which is Mrs. Em’s favorite. Since Mrs. Em has no appetite to eat, she puts the ribs on her bedside table for her to consume later. It is on a plate that is covered with another plate. An hour later, she falls asleep. When she wakes up, the ribs on the plate is gone, much to Mrs. Em’s disgust! “Who ate my ribs?”she asks her 6 neighbors who are in her house. The neighbors exclaim in unison, “We don’t know! All of us have been very busy since we came here…”

“I will find outwho because it’s my favorite dish!” she cries.

Then, Mrs. Em looks at them oneby one, trying to find out who ate her ribs.

Was it Mr. A?, Was it Mr. B?, Or was it Ms. C?, Or Ms. D?, Or Mr. E?, Was it Ms. F?
Then, Mrs. Em looks closely around her house…
Oh, Spotty has that guilty look! Perhaps he ate theribs, since the pet dog is standing right beside her bedside table! Now, Mrs. Em is already very puzzled and angry.“Who ate my ribs?” she keeps on asking.

With the success of Missy Bon Bon’s first branch opening last April 16, 2010, they are bringing back the “Grab the Golden Ticket – Free 1 Year Supply of Gelato Promo”. During that night I also learned that health benefits of gelato from the ice cream. With gelato – less fat plus no air added = rich creamier taste, while premium ice creams (not homemade) are made with fresh cream, eggs and more air whipped in.

This will surely be a fun opening for Bigby’s and Missy Bon Bon in Centrio this November 9, 2012 – Friday – 11AM – Ground Floor to be specific! I am also looking forward to the new atmosphere of Bigby’s as they also launched their new tagline/logo – “Come home to Bigby’s”.

Share the good news and bring your friends with you!  Burp! Relax and Chill!
Gelato Facts from World of Ice Cream

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