Episode 8: Chino’s Deli, Cagayan de Oro’s Meat Deli Pasalubong

First, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me with my comeback to the podcasting world. Thank you for your RTs, Share and word of mouth. I am still shock with over 500+ downloads and plays (still counting) from the past few episodes. Again, Daghang salamat!

Our dinner – Chino’s Deli.

On the 8th episode, I will introduce Chino’s Deli – Cagayan de Oro’s Meat Deli Pasalubong specializing on meat processing. As a CDO Bloggers, we usually go out there (around CDO) to look for something new, hot and in within the metro. As the City is back on its feet and moving forward, there’s still a lot to discover.

The CDO Bloggers, Inc. core before the meeting.

Last September 2, 2012, Chino’s Deli was the venue for our monthly core meeting. Overall, we had a great dinner. I would personally recommend to try their Italian Suasage – with a bit of “spicy-ness” on it. There’s also a variety to choose from Smoked Chorizo, Skinless Longganisa, Pork Tocino, Beef Tapa to Bacons. The side dish was also the best and take note these were fresh vegestables from a farm. The small tomotoes called – “cherry tomatoes” got my attention.

Hit play to listen to Mr. Jonathan Mempin as he talks about Chino’s Deli – Cagayan de Oro’s New Pasalubong Hub.

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Jonathan Mempin of Chino’s Deli on the left and VICMADZ on the right preparing for the interview.
Chino’s Deli is a local meat processing business in Cagayan de Oro City which specializes in (home-made) Meat Deli products. If you are looking for home made Smoked Chorizo, Skinless Longganisa, Pork Tocino, Beef Tapa and Bacon for family consumption or for a side line, check out Chino’s Deli. You can contact them on the following numbers 0917-719-7242 / 0922-846-1201 / 852-1151, and dine or order their products at 3rd Floor Casa Luciana Guest House near PRC Building, Angelo Velez Street, Mabulay Subdivision, Cagayan de Oro City.

Photo Source: chinosdeli.com and incdo.com

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