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Crazy as you think but Facebook Reactions will help you in many ways

The Internet is an ever evolving medium. As days unfold, new things are introduced. Like it or not, just like life, change is inevitable in the cyber world.

Do you still remember Friendster? I bet. Do you still want to go back to that era? I bet not anymore as Facebook has dominated your info-hungry brain.

Today,  Facebook, one of the biggest social networking sites rolled out Facebook Reactions (testing). This new feature enables us to express our reaction by hovering on the Like button on Facebook web and its apps.


The sentiments shows us the traditional like, and emojis such us LOVE, HAHA, YAY, WOW, SAD and ANGRY.

I’m not too sure if these are the final reactions but these icons can be summarized to 3 major sentiments used in the social media world such us Negative, Neutral and Positive.

These sentiments are helpful to check the total perception of the consumers to the brand. The overall sentiment may also uncover opportunities for improvement or even this – business directions and decisions.

This will also be helpful for personal use as you’d know their deepest reaction on your post. This time, people can now express themselves better when an unfortunate event happens aside for their like.

You wouldn’t want people liking your hospitalization status, right? (Wink)

With advantages comes disadvantages and being an “emotional” country, Facebook reaction may have an effect to perceptions. Do remember that Facebook is a tool and a medium – use it properly. Clarify if you need to clarify.

The way we communicate with one another has not changed, only the tools have evolved.

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