Greenwich Pizza, Better than Any Other!

Yep, a pizza blowout from Greenwich! I couldn’t believe it at first (seriously). I thought it was just on their TV ad and wouldn’t reach Cagayan de Oro until the CDO Bloggers received an email from Greenwich Philippines itself.

Last Sunday around 4PM, the gathering of CDO Bloggers for the Greenwich Pizza Blow Out on Tour happened at Greenwich CDO Divisoria-Xavier Branch. The pizza blow out was attended by over 20 bloggers, young and adult. We met Ms. Charo, their Marketing Head for Greenwich Vis-Min Area. We even had chitchats with the current affairs and the Sendong times. We recalled the Filipino Bayanihan moments that transpired that time.
If you prefer beef, they also have a beef flavored pizza!
The Greenwich Cagayan de Oro team was full force in supporting their first ever Pizza Blow Out on Tour in Mindanao. Their friendly branch managers, branch owners were very accommodating and welcomed us with big smiles. The CDO Bloggers were also excited to hear what’s in store.
Ms. Charo introduced a few of their new products and explained a few information that we did not know. Their flagship pizzas were the Overloaded Pizzas but other than that they also mentioned that Filipinos love the Hawaiian flavored pizza! I have to agree to them. The endorsers were also suited for the product; Anne Curtis loves pasta while John Lloyd Cruz is a pizza lover.
Greenwich also gave us premium items. I now have a Green Card from Greenwich and discount coupons which gives me more value if I order Pizzas from them. Yey! Aside from that, they also gave us organizers/notebooks – It was neat and upon flipping the pages, it was the organizer that I need that would compliment my lifestyle.
Thank you for the freebies Greenwich!
And the moment we have been waiting for – the Pizza Blow out! Pizzas started to come in and were served hot on our tables. Their pizzas are way better than any other – the crust part I believe is the most crucial part of the Pizza, you could really sense that they’ve really put effort in making their Pizza’s crusts better than any other. After the Pizza loading, here comes the Glazed Chicken! (burp)
Overall, it was such an overloaded event full of info and food. It ended with the CDO Bloggers recording the lines “Better than any other!” I’m crossing my fingers that they include it on their TV Commercial.
Thank you very much to Greenwich Barkada for the Pizza Blow out Experience!
Greenwich, Better than Any Other!

P.S. I’m still on controlled meals. (wink)

Photo Credits: incdo.com

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