Gym Day 2: Baby Steps

Time: 6:30 PM
Weather: Raining Cats and Dogs “again”.
Mood: “Still” Excited
Day 1 wasseriously a torture. Who would ever thought of me hitting the gym? It was miracle. I thank all the people who kept on “nagging” “este” “motivating me. It was such a big decision as I hate the feeling of pain. I have to go remind myself with the statement – “No pain, no gain”.
Day 2 Program
I am back to the gym taking Day 2 of my program which focuses on the shoulders, triceps and the abdomen. For those who are still starting out like me, you got to hit the treadmill to warm your body up. You’ll sweat on the first minute, let it drop on the treadmill and make use of it as a lubricant for your machine. Hitting the treadmill the second time around is better from Day 1. Focus…Focus…Focus. Rest for 2 minutes and start your warm up routine – head, shoulders, arms, legs and more, then rest. Make sure you give time for your body to adapt to any changes. It will surely be painful but helpful.
The Triceps Exercise
This set is pretty challenging as my arms are still experiencing muscle pain. Instant muscles since it’s inflame. After Day 1, I lost my energy and my arms were crabs a-like. I can’t straighten them and my arms were shaking.
Trainers Evaluation
Good thing my trainer, Sir Dennis, adjusted the weights from 5 lbs. to 2.5 lbs as I did not have the energy to do everything. He also assisted me in carrying the weights for safety purposes. The sad part is to only take a set for every exercise due to pain that I’m still experiencing. Sad.
The Shoulder Exercise
Our goal is to hit my upper shoulders and lower chest. It was manageable carrying 2.5 lbs but challenging to sustain the energy.
My Abs
No sit ups for now. I don’t have the energy to do it. So we decided to skip it and continue with the 20 crunches from Day 1’s 10. Horray! 10 to 20. (Big smile)
The Big Challenge
Trainer Dennis is really pushing me to my limits. I know we are taking baby steps but on my next gym visit we will complete 3 sets with lesser weights.
Shall I survive the test or go home not contented with my performance on the gym today? 
Find out more on my next Gym blog post – Day 3. 

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Relax and Chill!

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