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How Hootsuite Made My Online Life A Lot Easier

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One in a while I get question from the office if I still have a life. Of course, they know that I’m a blogger and they see me sharing and posting relevant stuff online almost 24/7. I answer them with a big smile and started talking about the tools that I use. I usually tell them I have tons but one platform sets apart and that is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a social media management system for brand management created by Ryan Holmes in the year 2008. To date the platform has over 9 million users worldwide. What it does it it takes you to a dashboard where all your social media networks are associated. Isn’t that amazing? You can have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and web apps such as Instagram in one place. Another problem is social media is noisy and you need a tool that will filter what is relevant to your needs.

Here’s a quick intro on how Hootsuite can help you:

How Did Hootsuite Help Me Make My Online Life Easier?

I’ll share one major benefit that I got from using this platform for 2 years now – MORE TIME! Time to enjoy life, to relax and chill!

Hootsuite helped me manage my time, instead of posting live for updates, I schedule, auto schedule and edit social media post when needed. This is one of my favorite Hootsuite features. Here’s how:

With this feature, I can plan ahead the social media posts, photos and videos to be shown on my social media channels while I attend events and prepare for a story to share the next few weeks. It may look  like that I am online 24/7 but the reality is it’s mostly scheduled post when I’m offline.

I’ll be sharing more #HootTips and guides on my social media accounts, do follow them. Thanks!

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In the next few weeks, hopefully a #HootUpCDO will happen with a lot of surprises. Let the social media knowledge spread out in NorthMin and the Philippines!

Thank you to the Hootsuite APAC for the trust and support!

Yours Truly,

Hootsuite Ambassador in the Philippines (Volunteer)



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