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Humba and Salucara Festival at Iponan, #CDO

You want Humba and Salucara? I bet! Barangay Iponan is proud of their delicacies. It was such an honor to be invited as one of the judges to the recently concluded Humba and Salucara Festival led by their very active Barangay Chairman Anthony “Gaga” O. Brellita. Daghang Salamat, Kap!

Humba Salucara Festival Iponan 01
What else can you ask for? The Festival that rocked my world! (wink)

Humba is pickled big and fatty slices of pork, cooked until the meat’s oil is extracted and blended with the gravy. –

Salucara is a local delicacy made of the same ingriendients we use for Puto, but cooked like a hot cake.

Humba Salucara Festival Iponan 02
The Yummy Salucara! Pair them up with mangoes! Tasty!
Humba Salucara Festival Iponan 07 - Iponan Brgy Chairman Gaga Brellita
Barangay Chairman Anthony “Gaga” O. Brellit of Iponan

I arrived at Iponan Barangay Hall an hour before the competition and was impressed with the warm welcome and a table full of food. I said to myself – Goodness! This is more than what I have expected. A few minutes, I saw the bubbly and friendly Mommy Margie Velasquez of MagTV na! Ato ni! (follow her on IG: lady_marga) approaching the chairman’s room. I must admit – I was Starstruck! She is just so fluent with the local vernacular. It was a pleasure meeting and knowing you. 🙂

Humba Salucara Festival Iponan 02 - Mommy Margie - MagTV
Mag TV na host Mommy Margie Velasquez poses in front of the camera.

The main program started 3PM where residents from different subdivisions, organizations, and schools were present. Oh and despite the the heavy rain the people of Iponan is there to compete and showcase their skills in cooking humba plus salucara, vegetable dishes, table setting plus flower arrangement, watermelon carving and creating their tropical foliage. The crowd was also entertained by MOR 91.9‘s DJ Sweet M, Bernie Bitok-Bitok and Mag TV Na host Bryan Yu. The festivities started thus our jobs being the judges has begun.

Humba Salucara Festival Iponan 02 - Mommy Margie - MagTV and vicmadz

Humba Salucara Festival Iponan 03
Creative people of Iponan and their works!

Humba Salucara Festival Iponan 04

I was awed when they told us that 36 groups will compete for the Salucara and Humba! It wasn’t easy judging as all the contenders were competitive and has unique and distinct taste from the others. Yummy!

Congratulations to the winners and the Barangay Council of Iponan. I’d like end this blog post with a quote posted their Facebook Page.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. The celebration was really a great success because of the people of Barangay Iponan working hand on hand.

Photos in Collage are from the Iponan Barangay Council Facebook Page.

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