It Is Not the End of the World…

It's a big world out there!
It’s a big world out there!

Life is super exciting when you get to a point where all of your plans are on their way, waiting for it to be executed, then here comes an unexpected twist and we have to change our plans.

We often cry our hearts out as our expectations were not met. When reality is being presented to us in a subtle way, and slowly our mind is absorbing the words carefully like how we digest food in our stomach.

Stop right there… Don’t think like it’s the end of the world. Unexpected things happen that’s beyond our control and it’s a fact. After everything has cooled down, it’s time to stand up and face the world like nothing has happened and now is the time to keep on thinking for a solution.

Personally, I don’t regret experiencing those. I just hate the feeling of being into that situation when you’ve already exerted too much effort. Whew!

So, how do we deal with this dilemma?

Here are a few tips that we can do. I am also writing this blog post for me to be reminded of what to do. This should come handy at some point in the future.

1. Accept the reality and create a realistic goal

2. Plan A-Z. lol

3. Move on and execute your new plans.

4. Be optimistic at all times.

5. Be grateful and change your mindset.

I know you did read the post for a reason, and I do hope that it served its purpose. Cheer up, you are not a looser!

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