Put a Smile on One’s Face Everyday

I stumbled upon a pin on Pinterest and I’d like to share it to everyone. It states “Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.”

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Culturally, Chismis (gossip) is rampant wherever you go. Whatever you call it, sugar-coat it – it’s the same – it’s Backbiting. On the positive side, you get to hear feedback from your friends or colleagues for improvement. Not everyone will take that positively, others would think of it differently – factors such a jealousy or being envy to the point of creating stories that will affect your emotional side. Oftentimes, we are just so judgmental that it affects our work or our professional life.

Why not focus on the strengths of a person?

As a corporate trainer, we often evaluate weaknesses and turn them to strengths. As the statement goes – Let’s convert your germs to gems. But aside from applying this professionally, you can also apply this in your personal life.

Here’s our mission: Put a smile on one’s face. Try it Compliment someone in public. Make that person smile and for sure they will do their best in their field or in their recent job. Make sure it’s not just to flatter people but the facts.

Where will you apply it?

Try it at the malls when you shop for next apparel or when you dine in or over the phone. Commend that person if it really exceeded your expectations. I’m sure you are going to see good results after.

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